Timber Shutters

Transform your interior setting into a welcoming environment with quality FSC eco-certified Basswood and Paulownia woods.Customised Timber Shutters with personalized frame adds flexibility to every setting as a divider or sliding door. Its stable structure makes it a joy to have in any outdoor or indoors setting.Made for the perfect combination of function and aesthetics, the specialty timber helps to control the sunlight entrant and glare, all while maximizing natural light within a space.

Timber Shutters'
Distinctive features

Timber Shutter
Timber Shutters radiate class in any setting. Not just for window coverings, these classic flexible timber shutters serve as feature windows, room dividers or as folding and sliding doors.

Timber shutters are fundamental as a furniture piece both indoors and outdoors.

These shutters are a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, ensuring privacy and energy efficiency in any space. These timber shutters offer protection from solar heat and glare to keep interior temperatures low, perfect for any setting.

Our timber shutters are made from the finest selection of Basswood and Paulownia known for their stability and natural wood grain while premium PVC is used for our Timber Lookalike Shutters.

    • Basswood Shutter

Our Basswood is sourced from sustainable plantations, and is one of the straightest of hardwoods with a fine constant texture and indistinct grains. Sanded and stained for a smooth finish, Basswood is highly tolerant to manufacturing processes, knocks and bumps

    • Paulownia Shutter

Our Paulownia is sourced from sustainable plantations which ensures that its roots are undamaged to ensure fast regeneration. Paulownia is fine grained and light in colour, ideal for timber shutters with a natural finish.

    • PVC Shutter

The solid polymer extrusion construction results in high resistance of our PVC shutters against UV light and high humidity. Solid aluminium core further ensures that the blades do not deflect or deform over time. Covered with a lasting 2 pack paint finish with customisable colours, no maintenance is required for this fire resistant shutter.

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Availability of Timber Lookalike Shutters

Alternatively, one can chose from our exclusive variety of timber lookalike shutters that are made with PVC for superior heat resistance and elegance. Higher strength and rigidity is ensure through the inclusion of aluminium core insets in the solid elliptical blade and panel stiles of these contemporary and low maintenance slats.

Timber Shutter
Timber Shutter