Enhance the design elements of buildings and exterior with External Venetian Blinds (EVB) . Adjustment of sunlight entering through the window and maximum security nurtures responsive designs in an evolving environment. Made to resist weather conditions over time, External Venetian Blinds is made with high quality slats strengthened with an exclusive layer of grit. The combination with mechanized controls provides convenience.

External Venetian Blinds External Install
External Venetian Blinds External Installation
External Venetian Blinds Internal Install
External Venetian Blinds Internal Installation

benefits of choosing EXTERNAL VENETIAN BLINDS (evb)

In line with weather changes over time, construction projects consider solar management solutions as an important factor. With its inventive functions and results on the exterior look of buildings, EVB adds a touch of dynamism to structural features.

These handpicked External Venetian Blinds cleverly maximizes internal light for reduction of glare and solar temperature conditions.

To make room for the requirements of the projects, External Venetian Blinds offers an integrated responsive building management system that possesses autonomous control.

The External Venetian Blinds combines structural design with engineering needs, and are resistant to extreme climatic conditions for ideal performance.

Crowned aluminum slats are manufactured from a highly flexible alloy, resulting in high flexibility and resistance to scratch and shock. Metal slate are 0.45mm(0.017in). The special double omega punch on every slat has ladder braid to guarantee efficient closing of the slats. This results in a more durable slat alignment which is resistant to extreme weather, minimizing uneveness.

To make room for different requirements of each projects, EVB offers an integrated responsive building management system that possesses autonomous control.
Automated Control
  • SwitchExternal Venetian Blinds Switch External Venetian Blinds Switch
    • Effortless combination of EVB with third-party switches or wireless wall switches which provides reduced amount spent on electrical works
    • Able to mount at your ideal location without detriments with its wireless features
  • Remote Control External Venetian Blinds Control
    • Alleviate occupants’ level of comfort and convenience with wireless remote control
    • Provides a smooth usage of its programming functions to enable users to change and set “favourite” settings
  • Home Automation
    • Effortless combination of EVB with any home automation system and other features
    • Easy access via smartphones and tablets wherever you go, coupled with no additional control. Intelligently easier control, programming and monitoring of all your gadgets
    • Innovative technological components are compatible with the users’ way of life. This system allows users to create various moods and timer settings conveniently.
  • Facade management control solution
    • EVB can be combined with façade management control system, to achieve the ideal comfort level and maximize energy savings. The real-time façade reacts in accordance with climatic changes resulting in bioclimatic properties designed to ensure comfort of its users
    • For increased comfort and security, sun-sensor’s automatic controls changes the slat and optimize lighting intuitively, while ensuring interior privacy.


  • Minimization of the absorption of thermal heat by up to 93%
  • Manages solar glare for better working environment and comfort
  • Maximizes interior daylight to decrease reliance on artificial lighting
  • Privacy control with optimized slats that allow management of openness
  • Plays a part in acquiring high rating in the environmental green building rating systems through its high performance and environmental creativity
  • Aluminium boosts energy efficiency by reducing the required amount of floor-spaces for mechanized cooling / heating plant.
  • Aluminium’s intrinsic features decreases heat transfer
  • High wind resistance system:
    • Headrail, slats, HDPE covered cable guides and ejected bottom rails are designed to resist overly strong wind
    • Strong wind resistance of up to 90kph (50mph)
  • Wide range of bendable aluminium slats, pelmets, motor selections and customer colours and finishes
  • Able to hold big openings
  • Blinds are made secure with double omega punch, making the system more long-lasting
  • Retrofitting functions
  • Compatible with all building control systems for example: BACnet®, Lonworks® and KNX® protocols

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